2019 Dodge Charger

New 2019 Dodge Charger

The new 2019 Dodge Charger is a large sedan that is as powerful as it looks beautiful. For 2019, both the exterior and the interior of the car have undergone several tweaks, giving it a refreshing look. The...continue reading

New 2018 Dodge Journey

New 2019 Dodge Journey Features

The new 2019 Dodge Journey is a midsize SUV that is very affordable compared to its competitors. For such a low price, you get a spacious midsize SUV that offers a quiet and smooth ride and...continue reading

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger and Charger Stars & Stripes Editions

To the delight of many fans the world over, Dodge has launched special patriotic editions of its immensely popular vehicles the Challenger and the Charger. The...continue reading

2019 Ram 1500

2019 Grand Caravan Features

For all those desperately awaiting a brand new model that may just be what you need, we have some really exciting news. The budget-friendly 2019 Grand Caravan in Columbia is now available for...continue reading

2019 Ram 1500

2019 Dodge Journey

The 2019 Dodge Journey is a three-row small SUV that comes with a powerful engine and a wide range of features. Ever since the vehicle first came out, it has managed to more or less maintain its looks perfectly,...continue reading