Dodge Finishes First In J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study

The J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study is one of the most reputed and trusted studies in the automotive world. The aim of the study is to help new buyers discover the honest opinions of drivers who have had owned and driven the vehicles they are interested in purchasing or have bought. 

Every year, the study releases a list of the most common problems that drivers of particular vehicle models face during the first 90 days of ownership. Rated across a total of 100 vehicles, the study provides valuable data that can educate drivers across the country.

For the 2021 J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study, Dodge has emerged as the best brand of vehicles, coming in first among a total of 31 competitors. Moreover, Dodge has made history by becoming the first domestic brand ever to take the number one spot in the study ever since it was started more than three decades ago. 

Dodge has tied for the first place with Kia. 

FCA finishes fourth place overall

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) finished fourth place overall with a grand total of 153, which is 13 scores less than the industry average and 10 scores less than the nearest competitor. For the study, a lower score signifies better results. 

Compared with the results of the study last year, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) performance brand jumped seven places.

According to Mark Champine, who is the Head of Quality of FCA-North America, the results show the “relentless, whatever-it-takes attitude” of the FCA-North American team. He added that his team has always put their focus on their customers and that they will continue to inspire and motivate and push forward. 

FCA has fared extremely well in the 2020 J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study. Dodge is not the only brand that has stood out in the study, other performance brands from the automaker, including Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram have also taken the top spots in the study. 

Ram finished third, which is an incredible improvement compared to its twenty-first position last year. Meanwhile, Jeep finished in the eleventh spot.  

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Source: Dodge