Simple Tips to Protect Your Car this Winter

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It is winter and your car needs some extra preparation to face the hurdles of the season. Salt, ice, snow, and water on the roads can cause your car to lose traction, which can make you lose control over the vehicle.

Many people limit their winter car care to car tires alone. Car tires have a tendency to lose pressure during colder temperatures. Such under-inflated tires reduce the traction capacity of the car and cause premature tire wear.

In addition to checking your tires, consider taking the following extra precautions to reduce the risk of accidents further and to enjoy a smooth and safe ride:

Keep an Emergency Kit Ready in the Vehicle

An emergency kit can be a life-saver if you ever get stranded. It can also be handy if you are planning a road trip during the winter. Secure the winter kit in your car’s trunk for easy access.

Include the following at the minimal:

· Blanket

· Shovel

· Ice scraper

· A bright flashlight

· Flares

· A bag of sand or salt for extra traction

· A pair of gloves and boots

· A set of warm clothes

· Paper towels

· First-aid kit

· Tool kit

· A spare tire

Ensure that your battery is working at full capacity

If you have been using the battery for over 3 years, then have it examined by a professional car service provider for its ability to hold and retain its charge. The service company will also check if there is sufficient water in the battery and if the battery terminals are rust-free.

Change the Oil

Engine oil has a tendency to thicken during cold temperatures. As a result, it fails to keep the engine components lubricated, which can reduce engine performance in winters.

Beware of Frozen Locks and Doors

Cold temperatures can lead to frozen locks and doors. If you have a frozen lock, use a hand sanitizer. Insert a drop of sanitizer into the car keyhole or drop the solution on the key to getting rid of the problem. Another classic method to rectify frozen locks is to heat the key with a lighter or match and then insert it into the keyhole.

A professional winter service can prepare your car for the tough winter months ahead. As authorized dealers, we provide genuine winter car service and components at attractive discounts. Visit us today!

Source: Pexels