RAM Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Columbia SC

RAM is a brand that is known for its fleet of incredibly powerful pickup trucks. Dating back to the early 20th century, RAM commercial vehicles epitomize toughness, durability, and performance. If you are interested in buying a pickup truck, you should consider a RAM vehicle. For the largest selection of RAM trucks in Columbia SC, visit JTs Dodgeland, which is the go-to dealership for truckers in and around Blythewood, Pontiac, and Dentsville.

More Than Just Trucks

In recent years, RAM has evolved from being a manufacturer of only pickup trucks to one that produces a wide range of cargo and passenger vans. Take the RAM Promaster City, for example. A combination of a cargo van and a passenger van, the Promaster City is ideal for ferrying passengers and cargo within city limits and has excellent payload capacity and cargo capacity. 

Caters To Both Regular And Heavy-duty Requirements

One might think that RAM trucks are only meant for heavy-duty applications, but the fact is, there are variants in RAM’s fleet that are ideal for regular use as well. For example, the RAM 1500 and the RAM 2500 are both equipped to cater to light and heavy-duty demands. Boasting of incredibly powerful engines and sturdy builds, the pickup trucks have been ranked among the best for several years by critics and truckers.

Power Meets Sophistication

At one point in time, people chose RAM trucks over trucks from other brands simply because RAM’s vehicles were head and shoulders above its peers, purely from a performance standpoint. However, as technology and design have undergone significant changes, modern RAM trucks feature top-notch interiors and infotainment systems, guaranteeing a killer combination of power and sophistication.

All RAM vehicles boast of incredible towing capacity as well, which makes them the ideal choice for truckers. To experience the beastly features and performances of RAM trucks, visit us at JTs Dodgeland in Columbia, SC, the best place for truckers across Dentsville, Pontiac, and Blythewood to purchase the best RAM trucks.

If you own a business and have trucking requirements, we can help you become a member of the FCA fleet as well, which will give you access to priority service and exclusive discounts.

Source: RAM Trucks