Charger vs. Challenger: Which Car is Right for You?

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Dodge’s Charger and Challenger appear different, but they bear more similarities than you expect. The Charger is a larger sedan while the Challenger fits the midsize coupe category. Both have similar equipment lists and engine options. Where they differ is on practicality and styling.

About The Charger

The Charger is suitable for many types of driving. You can opt or a family-focused sedan that is affordable or a high-performance variant. The Charger has won awards from Edmunds and J.D. Power for being a hit with family buyers and value.

About The Challenger

The current Challenger has retained much of its original retro styling. This is a two-door, five-passenger vehicle with similar trim levels as the Charger. It was awarded by J.D. Power for reliability.

Which Has the Better Interiors, Comfort and Space?

You will find more room in the Charger compared to the Challenger. Its 4-door design with a stretched wheelbase provides a larger back seat. The Challenger provides comfortable seating for up to 4 passengers, rivaling most of its two-door competitors. The trunk space in both models is similar.

In terms of interior design, both the Charger and Challenger share the same vision.

Which Has Better Safety Ratings and Equipment?

The Charger and Challenger have similar safety ratings and features. The Dodge Charger was awarded a 5-star crash safety rating by NHTSA. However, it didn’t get a top safety pick from IIHS because of its moderately scored overlap crash test performance. The Challenger received the same 5-star safety rating NHTSA, considering it shares the same platform as the Charger. It also didn’t get Top Safety Pick from IIHS. Advanced safety equipment options are optional on both models.

Which Has Better Technology?

The Challenger and Charger share similar tech features. Both offer U-Connect touchscreen; an infotainment system with an easy-to-use, large interface. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard features on both.

Which Is Better To Drive?

For a sporty driving experience, the Challenger is best. Apart from its lightweight, the Challenger has manual transmission, whereas the Charger is entirely automatic.

If you’re looking for stability at high speeds, then the Dodge Charger is your best bet, especially its SRT Hellcat models.

Both the Charger and Challenger offer a spectacular 707 horsepower from a boosted V8. The Challenger, however, has another step up, because its SRT Hellcat Redeye offers a whopping 797 horsepower.

Source: Dodge