Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge

Many advantages come with buying a certified pre-owned Dodge. Certified pre-owned or CPO vehicles may cost more than pre-owned vehicles that aren't certified, but they bring much more to the table. 

If you want a car that is as good as new but costs less than a brand new model, then a certified pre-owned Dodge may be the right choice for you. here are a few reasons why: 

• A thorough inspection and reconditioning process

One great thing about vehicles in a CPO program is that dealers put them through a rigorous inspection process to make sure that there are no major defects and damages. And when required, parts are even replaced or reconditioned to meet the high standards set by the CPO program. 

By the time a Dodge vehicle is issued a CPO stamp, it has gone through a multi-point inspection, thus ensuring that it is in the best possible condition. 

• Extended warranty protection 

If you buy a certified pre-owned Dodge, you will most likely have an extended warranty on the original basic warranty as well as the original powertrain warranty. This extended warranty protection is definitely one of the most attractive features of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle as opposed to a pre-owned car that isn't certified. 

• Roadside assistance 

Most CPO vehicles, including Dodge models, come with roadside assistance, which you can access 24 hours of the day. So, if you are in need of support from experts, including gas delivery, tire replacement, towing to the nearest dealership, jump-start assistance, and more, your CPO Dodge will give you these. 

• Low-interest financing 

Yes, you may have to pay a little more for a certified pre-owned Dodge than for a similar model that isn't certified. But the good news is that you can qualify for lower finance rates with CPO vehicles as the amount is usually identical to the loans that are offered on brand new vehicles. A lower interest rate means that you will have a lower monthly payment, which works great, especially if you are financing the vehicle on your own.

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Source: Pexels