Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

 Drowsy driving

Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the US. Every year, the practice claims many lives in the country. Drowsy driving not only puts you and your passengers at risk but also jeopardizes the safety of other people on the road. It is a common problem among commercial drivers and those who work long shifts/late night shifts. Drowsy driving impacts a person's ability to react in a timely fashion. To help you steer clear of safety issues, we, in this post, impart a few tips to prevent drowsy driving in Columbia, South Carolina.

Plan your drives
When it comes to avoiding drowsy driving in Columbia, South Carolina, the importance of planning every drive cannot be emphasized enough. To ensure your mind and body are not weary before a long journey, get adequate rest. If you feel exhausted at any point during your trip, pull over and take a power nap. If you still feel sleepy, check into a nearby motel for the night. When planning your drives, try to find a co-pilot who can take your position when you start feeling drowsy. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages during drives, as alcohol can enhance drowsiness. Try to drive when the sun shines. If this is not possible, avoid driving between 12 AM and 6 AM, as sleepiness is the most intense during this period. If you are a caffeine addict, store caffeine products in your car. Consuming these products during a drive can help fight off drowsy driving.

Divert your mind
In some cases, diverting your mind can help you steer away from episodes of sleepiness. To engage your focus, listen to your favorite music. If you aren't good at identifying the symptoms of drowsy driving, consider using an app that reads your eye movement patterns to alert you of imminent danger.

Get some fresh air In some cases, drowsy driving can be a result of a stuffy environment created due to carbon-dioxide build up in the car. To avoid this problem, adjust your vents and open your windows, allowing fresh air inside your vehicle. If this does not work, pull over and leave your car to get some fresh air.

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