The History of RAM

The History of RAM

We have always viewed RAM trucks as part of the Dodge family. But it’s important to remember that RAM has a special history of its own. 

RAM was set up in 1981 as a new line of cars under the Dodge brand. They developed this range of vehicles to replace the about-to-exit D-Series Dodge Pickup Trucks. They chose the name “RAM” because the hood of the new line represented the RAM hood design used since 1933. 

But as more people started purchasing RAM trucks, the name became only connected with the brand. Dodge included an actual ram as the logo for the new line-up. 

Used to signify brute strength, authority, virility, and fearlessness, RAM marketed itself as the real working man’s truck. When Dodge and RAM split up in 2009, Dodge forewent the ram logo, given how it was the essence of the brand. Today, after Rolls Royce’s First Lady, the ram of the RAM is one of the most-recognized accessories. 

First cars

RAM’s first series of vehicles were pickup trucks. They designed them in the two-door, four-door, and two-door extended cab variants. Five years later, in 1986, the brand underwent a major style change since the nose of the truck and they redesigned grille. Even the “boxed” shape of the cabin had a rounded re-design to make the car look softer and more attractive. 

By 1988, RAM trucks had electronic fuel injection and anti-brake locking systems. Engine capacities also increased between 1990 & 1995, from the small 3.9-liter V6 engine to the massive 8-liter V6 engine. During this time, the car won its first “Truck of the Year” award (the latest award was in 2014). 

Post-1995, RAM trucks underwent a second major redesign as quad cabs came into existence. New features such as digital odometer, door/seatbelt/headlight unlock chime, and clear-lens headlamps added to the vehicle's specifications.


Once Chrysler acquired RAM, the cars marketed under RAM to preserve its unique heritage. The cars underwent more transformations to make them driver-friendly and more practical for real truck users. Today, the RAM line of cars is one of Chrysler’s best performing segments. 

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