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2019 Dodge Safety Features | Dodgeland of Columbia

Almost all automakers are now focused on equipping their cars with advanced safety and security systems, and Dodge is certainly not lagging behind in the race. Whether it’s the car maker’s Charger and Challenger, Grand Caravan, Durango, Journey, or SRT® models, Dodge safety features are remarkable. Let’s take a look at them here:

1. Scan your surroundings
Defensive driving requires you to be alert and aware, something that Dodge safety features make possible with their advanced sensing systems. Forward collision warning, lane departure warning with lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring system with rear cross-path detection, and automatic high-beam headlights are some offerings in Dodge vehicles that help you monitor your environment and respond promptly.

2. Rear park camera
Another noteworthy Dodge safety features is the ParkView® rear backup camera, which shows the spot behind your vehicle when you reverse. Dodge installs the standard ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System in all its vehicles to alert drivers of objects behind their vehicles.

3. Advanced braking system
The Ready Alert Braking system preps up the brakes for an abrupt halt when the car’s sensors suggest that you may have to brake suddenly. On top of this, the Rain Brake Support is a Dodge safety feature that enables you to keep your Dodge’s brake pads dry while driving in rainy conditions. It does so by applying some pressure to the calipers to squeeze out water from them for enhanced braking power. This system engages automatically when you activate the windshield wipers.

4. Sensor-driven features
The sensor-driven Dodge safety features include electronic stability control and adaptive-cruise control. The former keeps a check on your steering input and the motion of the car to help you enjoy directional control, while the latter automatically adjusts your Dodge’s cruising speed to maintain a pre-set distance with vehicles before using limited braking and throttle control.

5. Exterior protection
Dodge packs ample safety and security features to ensure you and your passengers stay safe on the road. These features include a solid safety steel frame, side-guar door beams, active front head restraints, and advanced airbag systems. All of these Dodge safety features work to give you a confident driving experience.

Source: Dodge