3 Way To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Hurricane

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3 Way To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Hurricane

Hurricanes are more common than you think. A study shows that the US, on an average, is hit by almost two of them every year. Strong winds and heavy rain usually characterize a hurricane. Over the years, several storms have destroyed millions of cars in the US and rendered many vehicles useless. If you think that you do not have anything to worry about, you might be wrong. A passing hurricane can generate high-speed winds potent enough to cause irreversible damage to your car. To help avoid losses, we, in this post, impart a few tips on how to prepare your vehicle for the hurricane season.

Show some love to your car
Before the hurricane season arrives, thoroughly inspect your car and look for technical and mechanical issues. Check the levels of essential fluids, such as coolant, engine oil, steering fluid, and brake fluid. Top off or replace, if required. Get rid of dust and dirt particles that have accumulated in different parts and replace components that are beyond repairs. Also, when inflating tires, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding tire pressure.

Make sure your wipers are in working condition and can get rid of water. A hurricane can cause wreckage to move at high speeds. This debris can hit your car, causing irreversible harm to different parts. To protect your car during a hurricane, park it in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, find a safe parking spot away from trees, power lines, stop lights, and road signs.

Create an emergency kit
To ensure a hurricane does not catch you off-guard, assemble and store an emergency kit in your car. Your emergency kit should include a blanket, jumper cables, tape, a flashlight, a battery-operated radio, extra batteries, a tire jack, and more. Store the kit in a waterproof container in your car.

Be prepared for the worst Expect the best and prepare for the worst. Despite all your efforts, you cannot completely rule out the chances of a hurricane damaging your car. To ensure you are ready for the most harmful consequences when disaster strikes, take pictures of your car’s interior and exterior from different angles. You can use these images as evidence during the insurance claim process.

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